Bonang Matheba for First Lady: Glam Africa Shows A Different Side of Bonang In New Photoshoot


It was only a couple of months ago when Glam Africa magazine released a series of glamorous images of South Africa’s media girl, Bonang Matheba, for their Social Media edition Throught these images, we saw the fun, playful, stylish and glamorous side of Queen B.

These new images of Bonang shot by renowned photographer, Rez Bona, are quite the opposite, in fact a side of Bonang we do not see very often.  These images portray Bonnag as a focused yet stylish and charming lady, qualities which no doubt contributed greatly in getting her this far in the media game.

Ms Matheba’s social media page would definitely make you envy her glamorous lifestyle, but this is one lady who works hard for everything she gets. She confirmed to Glam Africa that she is “… working on some projects with wonderful TV channels and [this year] is looking very good.”

We can’t wait to see what Bonang gets up to in 2017.



Photo:                                   Rez Bonna

Styling:                                  Velly Vere Ngugi

MUA:                                     Clara Banx

Creative Director:               Crystal Deroche

Location:                               Ambrosia Hall, Midrand

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