Bola Ray’s art knowledge to the test

Good  Masters of Ceremony or emcees at entertainment shows are almost  always expected to know their events inside out, be confident and generally ensure that everyone at the programme fully enjoy themselves.
Bola Ray of Joy FM is always confident and manages to get audiences to flow along with him at shows but his understanding of art and how he communicates that would be put to the test when he hosts the launch introduction of the Futura brand of Hennssy to the Ghanaian market on September 26 at the Cahaya Lounge, East Legon, in Accra.

A main part of the launch is a graffiti art contest between three artists who will draw inspiration from the Hennessy Futura bottle and paint an interesting canvas. The artists are David Bethmann, Prince Kojo-Hilton and Ram Ankh.

Bola, who is also the CEO of Empire Entertainment, has emceed a number of   first-rate shows across the country. He often does the requisite research, wears the appropriate clothes and never forgets his job is to say the right things to the audience.

Bola Ray

Bola Ray

The right things he would have to say on the Hennessy Futura launch night should include the fact that the selected personalities are accomplished artists rearing to let the world see what unique stuff they can produce with lines, shapes and colour in about two hours.

The man many refer to  as Bolex would also have to articulate that there are different brands of Hennessy, including Privilege VSOP, Hennessy Black, Hennessy Paradis and Hennessy X. O and that some Hennessy bottles have become collectors’ items  in several parts of the world due to their peculiar shapes or label designs.

He would be obliged to introduce the artists and explain the concept and rules of the competition.

That’s where his grasp of art would be keenly observed but officials of Imexco Ghana Limited, official distributors of Hennessy in Ghana, said they knew Bola’s ability to learn fast, which was why they had entrusted the hosting of the programme into his hands.

Bola is extremely familiar with music events so he should have no problem at all introducing the musical component of the launch, which would happen before the winner of the art contest is announced.

Credit: Daily Graphic

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