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Bloggers – Do they make or mar entertainers?


Everyday, the internet is  awash with stories and pictures from  various blogs about  entertainment celebrities. These posts  usually generate diverse reactions from members of the public. Are  bloggers promoting or destroying entertainment celebrities? Saturday Vanguard sought the views of some entertainers  on this issue:

It depends on the blog — Ego Ogbaro, Singer

It depends on the blog in question. I think  some of them are very good. They help to promote artistes. I’ve been fortunate in that respect. But I think some of them don’t go through the right channels, they just put it out there. Most times, I don’t pay attention to their stories because they don’t do their research. Personally, I don’t rely on stories from blogs.

I love them, they are helping us! —Benson Okonkwo,Nollywood  Actor

I believe bloggers are helping the entertainment people. Controversy sells. So when people talk about you, whether good or bad, they are promoting you. Some top celebrities made it through controversies, while some made it through hard work. The stories and gists, whether positive or negative help to promote entertainers. I love and appreciate bloggers.

They are doing both! — Ijeoma Imoh, Nollywood Actress

They are both helping and killing  entertainers.They are helping those who wish to be known and identified  to  stay relevant. But for those who want to keep their lives private, they are not helping at all. I also think that these bloggers are loyal to some celebrities who  they keep writing things about to make sure they are always in the news.

Bloggers destroy entertainment people — Peggy Ovire, Nollywood Actress

Most times, bloggers destroy entertainment people.. It’s a two-way thing, they are promoting as well as killing entertainers. It’s selfish  interest on their part. They only care about selling more of their stories, having more people on their sites without thinking about what they are writing and they don’t bother to find out the truth. Their stories are usually on the negative side, even after doing a good story, at the end they add something contradictory to it. Personally, I think they are killing them, not promoting them.

It depends on the blogger and the artiste —Uche Iwuanyanwu, Nollywood Actress

It depends on the blogger and the artiste. Entertainers are supposed to work alongside bloggers, because they help in reaching out to a large range of people, within and outside the country. People who can’t get newspapers find it easier to access the internet. When they spread bad news about a particular entertainer, they are obviously killing that person. But indirectly, bad stories actually promote entertainers, so they could build up your career or destroy it.

They are the gift and the curse —Buchi, Comedian

Bloggers  are doing both. Their role is that of the gift and the curse. But I honestly believe that they can do better.

Credit: Vanguard NGR

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