Black N Peach on how to win Vodafone Icons!

Last year’s winners of the Vodafone Icons competition Black N Peach, made up of Noble, Noella and Emma have told it took a lot of effort to ensure they beat all others to the prize.

Among many other things, they’ve suggested that winning the ultimate prize, requires the following:

“You have to rehearse months ahead so you can be convincing enough that you can sing.

“Audition yourself infront of close family relations to get that confidence, to perform before the judges you may or may not know.

“When you get the chance to go before the judges create the best impression, some of us won the judges heart from our first audition, someone in our second, some in last hours before final cut but to stay safe and not get into too much trouble do it when you still stand a high chance of getting through to the next level.

“You create impression from singing your best and choose a song you are very comfortable with and that sells your voice the best way possible and sing pleasant and that way you will be irresistible. And make sure you have fun!

Black N Peach

“To win the fans over do fifty percent of what you believe in and fifty percent of what viewers will like. Put yourself in the fans shoes and ask if I was to be watching someone at this point of the show what will I want to hear.

“Listen to the judges and don’t repeat what they preach against. You might be spared the rod once or twice. Sometimes your whole stay relies on one judge and one judge only.

“The ending is very hard because everyone after going through so many evictions nights, your confidence is shaken because you see groups you thought were doing great evicted and you wonder if you are next since the number keeps growing smaller. Even if you are winning, you wouldn’t know and so will feel a pinch of the last days.

“On the day of the finals for instance people were so nervous they lost their voice.

“But when you know it’s the finals and everything depends on that particular day, all you have to do is to relax, go out on stage and win and pray Ghana is voting.”


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