#GhanaGist: Birthday message to Tinny from his Bard Man Family fans

Yesterday, January 20, 2016 was the birthday of rapper Tinny. To mark his special day, he released a new song titled “Morle” featuring Dancheall act Stonebwoy.

The Bard Man Family general is lucky to have loyal fans who have been with him since day one. Below is their birthday message to Tinny. Read it unedited. The love is so big.



“Sometimes words are just plain inadequate to reflect our thoughts on how special a person you are to us your fans. Happy Birthday to you BardManTinny, Our inspiration, Our idol, Our life, Our hero. We hope you have the best birthday ever.


You have to be really special! Today, 3,256,841 people have birthdays, but we are only exalting you for this victory of life!


It’s your birthday today! We so glad you were born, because you were sent to this world to be an inspiration to the people around you! You are a wonderful person. Your music has really been impressive ever since you broke unto the World Music stage.


To the world, you may be one person, but to us your fans; #KankpeSoldiers and #BMFMilitants you are the world. You should know that our life is incomplete without your music. We hope all your Birthday dreams and wishes come true. We love you so much. You are our idol. You have been an inspiring role model.


Your legacy of inspiration will enrich our lives and those of every new generation in our world. Our biggest wish for you today on your birthday is that after you celebrate today….the wisdom that has come with your new age will inspire you to do more so that your success stories would be firmly itched in 24 carat gold plague.


That Love we have for you is louder than the pressure to be perfect, you’re the best idol a person could have. We’ve been a BMFers since, and we’ll be one forever…We will keep supporting you and your Career. We wish you all that God desires for you…May you live to achieve what people say it’s unachievable May your Star shine to blind the oppressors.


May you finally sit on the sky to start your real journey. You’ve been on test for 14 good years!! 2016 the real journey of your career begins as we wish you the best of luck and every goodies, we also urge you not to sit on your oars but keep up the flame, because the race is keenly contested.


We love you Bard Bard. You’ve never failed us when it comes to your music career but BMFers…we are Oliver Twist we want more and more of you!! You best describe the word ‘Perseverance’ that’s why we still yearning for more of your energy and talent. Please unfold it as the best birthday gift you could ever give us your fans!! Happy Birthday.


#RegularChampion #BardMan #AletseKankpe #UnbeatableWarrior #FireStarter!! #BMF #KankpeRecords #RhiiiiiiRhaaaa #KaboomReverseItBoomka!! #TeamBMF”

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