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#BigBroAfrica: Melvin’s magic trick

It’s kind of crazy what the Housemates get up to when there’s nothing for them to do, do the most fun and sometimes unusual tricks we’ve ever seen. Melvin proved himself to be a not-so-good magician as he tried to trick his fellow Housemates and failed dismally.

He first tried his magic trick on Angeloand Elikem by telling them to choose a number first and then told them to add three and then one again then subtract the original number. Unfortunately for the Nigerian hottie, the two boys were on to him especially because this is the oldest magic trick we all know. But in his defense, he did try to convince them that his method was not just legit but magical as well.

Unfortunately for Melvin he was dealing with Housemates who could attest to seeing every trick in the book and a very awake bunch. When he tried his trick with Cleo, she was also not entirely convinced but was nice enough to hear him out. They all burst into laughter when Melvin got the number wrong after convincing everyone that the guessed number was correct. It’s really nice to see our Chasemates fooling around and having fun. We noticed that there were two Housemates in particular that were not part of the fun.

Culled from Big Brother Africa

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