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#BigBroAfrica: Is Elikem missing Pokello already?

Now that Pokello has been Evicted, her Ghanaian hunk is left with no partner or friend in the House. Elikem looked like someone had just pulled a rug from under his feet long after his ladylove had left. As someone who finally had a legitimate relationship with Pokello, it was shattering to see him lose her to Evictions.

They were known as one of the powerful couples in the Ruby House that prayed together and played together, next to Oneza of course, and Pokello’s Eviction has clearly left Elikem wallowing in sadness and holding on to memories of their time together.

In her Eviction Diary session, Pokello told Biggie that if her game came to an end, it wouldn’t mean the end of his and she was right. He now needs to be an even stronger contender and try to win the USD300 000 grand prize, much like Cleo has had to do her best without her man, Hakeem.

As much as the hook ups in the House are part of the game, all the Housemates are individual competitors first and lovers second. Maybe Pokello’s Eviction will motivate Elikem to be the best he can be in The Chase.

While he was wallowing in his sorrow, a few of his fellow Housemates kept coming into the room to check up on him. Dillish came in and quickly went out then Busi also came to talk to him for a bit, dressed in a top that revealed her sexy tummy. She also left him to his thoughts. Then Annabel came to try and lift his spirits by telling him that he still had his people in the House.

Do you think Elikem will survive The Chase without his beloved Pokello?

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