#BigBroAfrica FEATURE: This is your Top 10 Africa!

The Chase started with 28 Housemates and today they are 10. No one would have guessed that the Chasemates left standing would be the ones holding the fort until now and who would have though that the departed Chasemates would leave in that fashion?

South Africa’s Angelo, Nigeria’s Beverly, Ethiopia’s Bimp, Zambia’s Cleo, Namibia’s Dillish, Ghana’s Elikem, Tanzania’s Feza, Nigeria’s Melvin, Tanzania’s Nando and Botswana’s Oneal all form the Big Brother The Chase Top 10.

Their journey hasn’t been easy and they have lost a lot of friends and lovers along the way. The likes of Elikem and Cleo formed strong relationships in the House with their Zimbabwean lovers; Pokello and Hakeem and they had to endure the sadness of seeing them go.

Also, having another countrymate in the game gives one strength and assurance that at least their country’s flag is being flown by two Housemates. However, everyone but Nando, Feza, Beverly and Melvin lost their countrymates in the game.

Cleo silently shed tear after tear as she tried internalising the reality of her brother Sulu leaving The Chase. “He taught me so much. It’s so rare to find someone like him that is not stingy with knowlegde,” Cleo cried.

Sulu and Annabel became the 17th and 18th Chasemates to bid the game farewell tonight. They were Nominated alongside Elikem who managed to survive the chop by the skin of his teeth.

Then there were 10. It’s time to see if they deserve to be the Top 10 because the game only gets a lot tougher from here on.

Which Chasemate do you think doesn’t deserve to be in the Top 10 and why?

Culled from Big Brother Africa

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