#BigBroAfrica: Eveva rubs Elikem’s foot

Eveva does not waste any time. Only a couple of hours after Pokello’s exit, the Emerald Housemate is already setting her plan to make Elikem her man, in motion.

While the Housemates attempted to start their day, Eveva was already working hard. The sexy temptress offered to giveElikem a foot rub, which the Ghanaian stud did not turn down. Eveva was all smiles as she worked Elikem like a true professional.

Eveva is one of the Emeralds Big Brother introduced to shake things up in the House. Eveva’s objective was to cause a bit of drama between Elikem and Pokello or maybe even snatch him away from her.

However, now that Pokello has been given her marching orders, getting and keeping Elikem’s attention is going to be much easier. Do you think Elikem will fall for Eveva’s charms?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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