#BigBroAfrica: Elikem wins Head of House battle

Due to the inconclusive nature of the battle between Elikem and Oneal for the Head of House title on Friday, Biggie decided that they go at it again today and should play until one of them wins. Finally we get to see who the boss is.

The Task: In the garden Biggie had placed two golf balls. There was one ball for each of the Housemates taking part. On the other side of the garden there was a hole and at the sound of the buzzer, the first player had to hit their ball towards the hole. The ball closest to the hole won the game. If there was a draw, they had to play until there was a winner.

As if they were going into a battle to the death, the two, Oneal and Elikem walked into the garden like warriors. First up was Oneal who hit his ball out of the targeted region and Elikem couldn’t help but laugh at his opponent. Then he had his turn and fortunately for him his ball landed a few inches before the hole thus making him the leader of the gang this week. Well done Elikem. Hopefully this will allow you to get past your feud with Nando.

Do you think Elikem will ever get over his fight with Nando?

Culled from Big Brother Africa

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