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#BigBroAfrica: Elikem is immature

“I always speak the truth,” Nando told Feza today after the Housemates had some heated debates during the Airtel Picnic Show hosted by Sulu.

“You did. And a lot people don’t want to say the truth. They just dance around things,” Feza concurred. Afterwards the Tanzanian performer shook her head and exclaimed: “That nigga Elikem and thatCleo”. “That nigga is something else,” Nando added.

The two country-mates chatted extensively about the Ghanaian’s maturity. “He is talking about level of maturity,” said Nando with a smirk. “He is not mature. In fact there is no point to you talking to him ever again because you cannot talk to an immature person. There is no point,” Feza told her buddy. “I know,” Nando agreed.

“He is always contradicting himself,” said Nando. “That is why he got along with Pokello,” Feza agreed. From the looks of things the epic face-off between Nando and Elikem that went down last night was just the beginning.

What do you think; are Feza and Nando right about Elikem or are they just making baseless accusations?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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