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Big Brother The Chase Update: Selly, Elikem, Pokello, Nando, Cleo, Fatima up for eviction

Ghanaian housemates Selly and Elikem are both up for eviction following Monday morning’s voting session, While Elikem has immunity as head of house, Selly may have to fall on her buddy, Melvin to save her during Monday evening’s nomination and save and replace show.

Pokello scored the most Nominations in the Diamond House this week. Pokello might just be on the next flight home. The sexy Zimbabwean scored the most Nominations during this morning’s tense Nominations Sessions. However, Pokello seems to be a strong contender because she has been on the Nominations list before and has dodged the Eviction bullet. Will she be lucky this time around?

BimpMelvin and Cleo all Nominated the Zimbabwean because she is a strong contender and has high chances of survival, while Beverly told Big Brother how much of a dictator Pokello is. “She’s a know it alland says things with conviction, even if they are not true”, Beverly said.

Nando was Nominated by Pokello because “he is a wild, lost soul”, while Bimp makes the Nominations list for the first time because he has never been up. He and Cleo have enjoyed a relatively stress free time in the House because they have managed to avoid the Nominations list time and time again.

It seems the Diamonds have kicked off a game plan that involves shaking up Housemates they feel have been coasting along every week, without feeling the pinch of being Nominated.

A huge surprise that came out of today’s Diamond House Nominations is that Nando had the gall to Nominate Selly. Nando and Selly are in the throes of a mind boggling relationship which earned Nando his first Strike.

Last week, Big Brother came down on Nando like a ton of bricks, after he attended the Channel O party with a steak knife on his person. Some of The Chasers believe the Tanzanian had the knife on him to protect himself in case a fight broke out between him and Sulu, who also likes Selly.

Diamond House Nominations:

Pokello – 4

Bimp – 3

Nando – 3

Selly – 3

Cleo – 3

Hakeem – 1

Melvin – 1

Beverly – 1

Dillish – 1


Fatima is wanted out of the game and she is wanted out now.

Fatima is treading on thin ice this week, after scoring five Nominations; the highest this week in the Ruby House.

The Malawian was Nominated by Sulu,Feza, Oneal, Angelo and Annabel, who all seem perplexed by her erratic mood swings. “She’s been giving so many people the cold shoulder. I really don’t get her”, Sulu said, while Feza told Big Brother how Fatima is too tense and negative for her liking.

Oneal was as candid as they come with his reasons as well. “Fatima is a flip flopper”, he said, without missing a beat.

Fatima on the other hand threw her dagger at Feza, citing her as the strongest female in the game. “I think it’s time to get rid of all the females”, Fatima said.

This week’s Head of House, Elikem comes in a close second with three Nominations, from Feza, Oneal and Annabel. Oneal pulled the trigger in Elikem’s direction because “He is easily manipulated and emotional”.

Ruby House Nominations:

Fatima – 5

Elikem – 3

Annabel- 2

Feza – 2

Oneal – 2

Natasha – 2


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