Big Brother The Chase: Annabel, Nando, Dilish and Hakeem face eviction

Monday morning’s nomination session in the Diamond House saw  Head of House, Nando coming up for eviction against Dilish, Annabel and Hakeem. Annabel and Dilish had 4 votes each with Nando and Hakeem picking 3 votes each.

Here is how the Diamond housemates votes.

Dilish – Hakeem, Selly

Melvin – Nando, Bimp

Beveryly – Annabel, Selly

Selly – Annabel, Dilish

Bimp – Annabel, Maria

Hakeem – Annabel, Dilish

Maria – Hakeem, Nando

Annabel – Hakeem, Beverly

Cleo – Dilish, Nando

Nando – Dilish, Maria

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