VIDEO: Big Brother HotShots nomination: Kacey Moore and M’am Bea nominates Sheillah, Permithias, Macky2 and Luis

There is life after eviction in the Big Brother HotShots house. Shortly after Laveda and Alusa were evicted from the game, the housemates got busy with nominations.

Jumping straight into action, Big Brother called Arthur to the diary room for nominations. The young Rwandan picked Sheillah and Mr. 265, because he felt they were using him to play the game. Butterphlychose Sheillah as well, saying she forgot that everyone in the house is equal, and Kacey Moore for being too chilled.

Ellah selected Sheillah, stating that she was insensitive and rude. Her second nomination was Macky2, because she had not gotten to know him and he seemed to have a lot of support anyway. Frankiedecided on Sheillah, due to her temper, and Macky2 because he was too quiet.

Macky2 got another hit from Goitse, who also chose Luis because she felt his emotions were affecting his game. Idris chose Macky2 for being too reserved, as well as Sheillah. JJ’s choices were Sheillah and Arthur. Kacey Moore’s picks of the list were Sheillah and Permithias.

Next in the room was Luis, who chose Sheillah and Mr. 265. The latter picked Permithias, because he thought he lacked respect, and his second pick of the bunch was Arthur. But his reason for picking Arthur was merely a random decision, so Biggie asked him for a better reason. Mr. 265 eventually said Arthur needed to understand that not everyone could laugh at his jokes.

In the firing line himself, Macky2’s nominees were Nhlanhla because he was hurt that Head of House had added him to the nominations and Sheillah for her bad attitude. M’am Bea chose Macky2 and Luis due to a lack of commitment and holding back.

Head of House Nhlanhla picked Mr. 265, because they had clashed and Macky2, because he figured he would want revenge after finding out about his nomination. Permithias’ decisions were Mr. 265, because he thought his intentions seemed blurred. His second choice was Macky2, because he did not think he was trying too hard.

Samantha studied the list and went for Mr. 265 and Macky2, and confirmed with Biggie that she had learnt her lesson about discussing nominations. Heavily-hit Sheillah selected Arthur and Macky2. Sipe chose Samantha and Kacey Moore. Finally Tayo picked Luis and Sheillah, and Trezagah chose Kacey Moore because he felt his heart was at home and Luis for seeming ready to go.

The tide may have turned for the men, with Sheillah and Samantha being the only females mentioned in the diary room. But Sheillah got a lot of flack from her fellow housemates. No doubt about it, tomorrow will be an interesting day in the Hotshots’ house.

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