Big Brother HotShots new twist: Two out, ten in #BBHotshots #BigBroAfrica

After 42 days in the Big Brother Hotshots house, Mr. 265 (Malawi) and Samantha (South Africa) were evicted on Sunday night after not picking up enough votes from the continent. The 12 housemates who are left in the game are on high alert though, as Big Brother introduced a twist which they think puts them all in danger of leaving next week and surrendering their shot at the USD300 000 prize.

After Samantha and Mr. 265 were evicted, IK took viewers into the house for a special announcement from Big Brother. Biggie told the housemates that there were to be no nominations after the live show, but that instead, all of them were up for eviction next Sunday. On top of that, he announced that ten housemates from previous seasons ofBig Brother Africa would be entering the game. Each current Hotshots housemate will have to compete against an ex-housemates in order to stay in the game. At the end of the week the audience will decide whether to keep the Hotshots housemate or to swop them with an ex-housemate from their country.   As the housemates caught their breath, IK informed viewers that Big Brother was playing a prank on the housemates – there is no voting this week, and nobody is in danger of leaving on Sunday. The returning housemates are not eligible for the USD300 000 prize and are in on the prank – but the Hotshots think they need to fight for their lives in the game.

IK then went back into the house and introduced the returning housemates one by one. The ‘match-ups’ are: Idris vs Feza from BBA: The Chase; Macky2 vs Sulu from BBA: the Chase; Goitse & Sheillah vs Miss P from BBA Amplified; Sipe vs Natasha from BBA: The Chase; Tayo vs Uti from BBA 3 & All Stars; JJ & Butterphly vs Vimbai from BBA Amplified; M’am Bea vs Elikem from BBA: The Chase; Ellah vs Denzel from BBA: The Chase; Trezagah vs Leonel from BBA Revolution and Nhlanhla vs Luclay from BBA Amplified. The returning housemates are back in front of the Big Brother cameras for one week and will enter the Big Brother House on Monday, 17 November 2014 at 20h30 CAT right after the conclusion of the Nomination show broadcast.It’s going to be a tough week for the Hotshots!

Unfortunately for Samantha and Mr. 265, their eviction was no prank and they joined IK on stage after he revealed that they’d received the fewest viewer votes this week. Samantha was only in the firing line after being ‘added’ by Head of House Sipe, who stood and told the housemates that her decision was nothing personal. “I added Samantha because I was looking at the strongest people from the other group because most the people in my group were already up,” said the Malawian with a shrug.

Out on stage with her co-evictee, Samantha said that she had a feeling she’d be leaving and had even gone as far as packing up all her personal items. “I always felt there were some underlying issues with Sipe and I and that she’d put me up. Also compared to the people I was put up against, I felt they were very strong,” she said. IK quizzed her about the effect of the ‘strike’ she received early on in the game for conspiracy. “I got to a point where I didn’t know if I should speak about certain things – I was very paranoid,” said Samantha. After showing her, her highlights package, IK asked about JJ and Idris, who featured quite heavily towards the end. “It seemed like Idris, outside the house and away from cameras, would be someone that you’d date?” asked IK. “Yes, I would say that,” was her response. “But Not JJ?” teased IK. “No!” she said, with a laugh and a shake of her head.

Mr. 265 said he had mixed feelings about being evicted. “ Being put up, there’s a possibility you survive or not, so it’s all cool,” said the Malawian. IK quizzed him on his ‘altercation’ with Tayo, where he had to ask the Nigerian to stop singing loudly while his team was trying to prepare for a task, but he brushed it off. “What’s this show going to do for your career as a radio and television presenter?” asked IK. “We’ll have to see how things have changed outside the house,” said Mr. 265. “As Figgie said, we’re quite lazy and there’s a lot of work we have to do after this – I think the chapter begins now.”

It had been a busy week for the housemates. Big Brother came up with a unique punishment for Butterphly, who had been seen to move during the ‘freeze’ stripper task. Every time Big Brother played a specific musical riff for a period of 48 hours, she was to stop what she was doing and give the nearest male housemate a lap dance. On Tuesday, Big Brother was replaced by a flirtatious imposter – a female Biggie called ‘Figgie’. She was a little harsh on some of the housemates and a little flirty with others, constantly asking the guys to take their shirts off in the Diary Room and teasing the housemates about their weight.

During this week’s Modern Drama Extravaganza, the housemates were told that they were not playing for immunity as usual, but rather for a team reward – the chance to receive messages from home. The StarMeter question for the past week was “Which Big Brother Hotshots housemate is the funniest” – a title that went to Macky2. This week, the question to be answered by social media buzz is “Which Big Brother Hotshots housemate is the craziest?”

The musical accompaniment to the live show was provided by Zambian duo JK, who kicked off the show with ‘Telemundo’ and Kay Figo who added a bit of spice with ‘Kanyelele’ later on. M’am Bea

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