Big Brother Hotshots: Kacey Moore Meets The Press In Ghana | Housemates Win Their Wager

On Friday 14th of November, Kacey Moore Ghana’s first evicted housemate from the Big Brother Hotshots edition met the Ghanaian media at the Airport View Hotel.

In an interactive session with the press, Kacey Moore answered questions about his stay in the Big Brother house, especially his perspective as a married man and his relations with not only his country mate M’am Bea  but also his interaction with other housemates from the other country.

Kacey also touched on his auditions in South Africa and how before he entered the house he had not been very positive about his stay in Ghana as he had felt Ghanaians were warmed towards him.

In his speech, Kacey said that he had achieved his goal within the first week of entering the house and was grateful that Ghanaians had kept him in there for almost a month.

Despite the fact that he would have been happier going out of the house in the first week, he also believed that with the weekly task presentations, he had continued to spread his need for African unity and an end to xenophobia and would always be grateful to MultiChoice Africa and Endemol for that opportunity.

Kacey says that  he will continue to preach African unity, to encourage Africans to see Africa as a community and with the opportunity given him at the big brother house, he believed he had preached this to the millions of Africans who watch big brother Africa.

Kacey also made a whirl wind tour of various media houses such as Joy Fm, YFM, Live FM, Peace FM and XYZ FM

On his part, Mr. Cecil Sunkwa-Mills the country manager for MultiChoice Ghana, congratulated Kacey on his stay in the hose and wished him all the best. He also expressed wishes that M’am Bea will stay a lot longer and hopefully bring home the cash prize.

Mr. Sunkwa-Mills also stated that regardless of the visa issues that had prevented Ghanaians living inside Ghana to attend the final auditions, Ghanaians have been fairly represented in the house by the selection of two Ghanaians who lived in South Africa in order for us not to miss the completion.

Big brother is produced by Endemol and shown on DStv channel 197 & 198Kacey Moore Meets The Press In Ghana_opt

Housemates Win Their Wager

M’am Bea has found a new partner in Sulu for her ‘kitchen activities’, Nhlanhla and Sheillah have been chained together as punishment.

With 10 new housemates, the competition has tensed up, people are making and defending their territory, while others are plotting and sneaking. The ten new ex-housemates are determined to make life hard for our Hotshots. Is it working? Or like JJ do others suspect this is all a prank?

Thankfully they’ve won their wager after creating a wonder Circus and Magic Show and can afford to relax and enjoy their reward. Will this win help ease the tension or not?

Let’s stay glued to channel 197 & 198 to find out! Watch highlights on GOtv every day at 7.30 on Africa Magic world

Big brother is produces by Endemol

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