Big Brother Africa:The Chase: Betty’s swap is obvious!

Head of House in the Diamond House Betty did not have to tell any of her fellow Housemates what her swap decision was Monday night, because it is that obvious.

Elikem told Big Brother how shocked he was to hear that Bolt had been nominated because of his reputation as a funny guy.

“He gets along with everyone so it definitely came as a shock. However, we all know that Betty saved him”, the Ghanaian said.

Dillish also concurred with Elikem’s observations but took it a step further, hitting the nail on the proverbial head.

“Feza has been messing with Betty since the day we walked into this House. It’s obvious that Betty saved Bolt and put Feza up instead,” she said.

Apart from the Betty situation, Dillish had her own nomination weighing on her mind.


The Namibian is up for possible eviction this week and in her head, her reasons for being put on the chopping block are simple. “I think my name was probably the easiest to remember. Also, my fellow Housemates think I’m some kind of Barbie character,” she said, without missing a beat.

Not one to hold back, Fatima confirmed as much. “Dillish is a smart girl but the clueless act is getting old”, she said.

Many of the Housemates seemed shocked that Hakeem’s name popped up in the nominations list.

“I thought because he is new in the Diamonds House, then people wouldn’t nominate him”, Annabel said.

The man of the moment, Bolt looked like the cat that got the cream in his Diary Session.

He told Biggie “Everything works how it’s supposed to. I don’t ask questions”.

Source: BBA

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