Big Brother Africa update: The Chasers want séx!

The Chasers want it and they want it now!

Would you go three months without séx? Well, if you ask some of the Housemates this question, then there’s one answer you’re likely to get. A firm, resounding “No!”

This afternoon, Maria spilled the beans in her Diary Session when she revealed that some of The Chasers are struggling to keep it together because they haven’t had nookie in ages.
According to Maria, some Housemates have even started kicking their bedmates out of bed because they cannot stand the heat.

“There’s so much sexual tension in the House Big Brother. Even Melvin kicked me out of his bed recently because of the pressure. People need séx”, she said.

When quizzed by Big Brother where she stands regarding the coitus issue, Maria was quick to reveal how she can go without bumping parts for three years. “There are people who couldn’t go three months without having séx. There are many sex addicts in here. I, on the other hand, can go three years. I’m a strong girl. As long as I have gum in my life, I’m okay”, she said, with a laugh.

If you say so, girl! There are many couples in the Big Brother House. Have they done the deed or have they not? If you’re curious to see who just might be getting some action on the regular, check out our VIP section.

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