Big Brother Africa The Chase update: Selly’s fishy fright

Humorously priceless was the look of absolute terror on Selly’s face today as she got an unexpected visitor in the House.

The Ghanaian was left trembling in her little furry slippers when one of the fishes in the bathroom tank started to whisper her name. The young actress thought that she was losing her mind and she bolted out of the House into the garden where her fellow Housemates were still sleeping around the campsite.

After catching her breath she slowly tiptoed back into the House only to find the voice calling out to her again. “Don’t run Selly. Come inside and close the door,” the voice beckoned. She looked ready to pass out any second as she reluctantly did what she was told.

“I have a secret mission for you Selly. I understand that the Book of Tales in the Diamond House was stolen. I have found it and hidden it. If you can find it and put it back without anyone knowing that it was you; you will get a secret reward,” the fish told her.

With haste the Ghana woman took to the storeroom where she found the book. She hid it under her night gown and crept like a ninja in the night out into the garden; where she managed to place the book back at the camping site without being caught by her fellow Housemates.

Hoorah for super Selly she may have just saved the Diamonds from another humiliating Wager loss. And shame on you Biggie for making the poor woman almost jump out of her skin with fright. But it sure was funny to watch; who knew Selly was such a little scaredy cat?

Source: BBA

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