Big Brother Africa The Chase update: Are these crimes of passion?

Strike_Lrg_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbad-f477f8add475_291328132927193Just a few days after Nando secured Sulu’s Ghanaian beauty, Selly, there’s been talk that Selly shouldn’t have led Sulu on.

This is while she has maintained that she and Sulu are just friends. Is there a silent war over Selly here? The jury is out on why exactly Nando carried a knife to the Channel O Party on Saturday, and whether Sulu can’t handle his alcohol or is just hung up on Selly.

The two guys were issued one Strike each for the offences committed on Saturday night.

Speculation is rife and with alcohol, Sulu and Selly under the same roof at the Party Zone, the word on The Chase is that Nando could have had a good mind to protect himself, just in case.
As for why Sulu tried to force Selly for her attention remains a mystery too. Was he upset that he had lost her to Nando?

His girl Selly cautioned that the Zambian needs to cut down on fire water because it turns him into a different man. “Sulu must stop drinking. When he drinks he always does like this,” Selly told the Diamonds.

Though most Diamonds vouch that Nando always carries a knife even around the House, echoing the confession Nando made before his Housemates and Africa, some were shaking like a leaf.

Maria said he had no idea about Nando’s antics. “I’m a Housemate and I didn’t even know Nando walks around with a knife. Imagine what the people out there think. When I saw that I just thought he was scared or thought he needed to protect himself,” Maria confessed.

Meanwhile, Hakeem came to the Tanzanian HoH’s defense saying his behavior was normal and didn’t come as a shock to him. “Nando always carries a knife. It’s not like he’s ever threatened anyone with it,” Hakeem said.

Mpho Nunu Nemavhola: Nando said it himself dat he always carries a knife wherever he goes nd he admitted to being addicted to dem so iguess dose blaming selly only watch bba on fb cos u follow it on tv u wudnt embarass urself like dat..

Thembinkosi Matipira: So who told Biggie abt the knife,since it was in Nando’s pocket?

Mandisa Masiza: Any type of violence is totally unacceptable, carryin a weapom 4 whatever reason is also wrong, u can’t defend yoself like dat…u hav intentions of destroyin or killing wen u carry a weapon like dat….4 me its a bad behaviuor nd he needs 2 snap out of it….to Nando…u don’t joke like dat…coz one day u can make a mistake….nd u can end up in jail..4 a longer period….anyway…we stl doing it 4 Bolt in Mzansi 4 sure….

It looks like everyone has an opinion on why the Housemates broke the Big Brother Africa Rules but Biggie is the authority and is always watching. One thing we certainly know is that Selly, Sulu and Nando all have One Strike each and two more mistakes, they will be Disqualified from The Chase.

Did Nando really carry the knife out of habit or for protection against Sulu incase he struck him for Selly?


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