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WATCH VIDEO: I admire Peace Hyde and Joselyn Dumas’ curves – Berla Mundi Talks About 5 Things People Don’t Know About Her

GhOne TV and Live FM presenter, Berla Mundi, born Berla Addardey is next on “5 Things People Don’t Know” on GhanaGist.Com.

“5 Things People Don’t Know” brings you the best secrets in the lives of your favourite celebrities. They reveal the five considered things exclusively to which their fans and following do not know.

The beautiful and eloquent Berla highlights these “5 Things People Don’t Know” about her.

  • I wanted curves like Peace Hyde and Joselyn Dumas

Berla was not gifted with enough substance. She wished she was blessed like Peace Hyde and Joselyn Dumas.

“Have you seen Peace Hyde? You see the way she’s curvy? Like everything is on point, she walks up and everybody goes on like wow! I’m wondering why God didn’t give me all those things because I can’t think far. Like if I had boobs and back sizes [buttocks], I will do amazing things in this world but not prostitution, please don’t get it twisted but I’m such a big fan of Peace Hyde and Joselyn Dumas. I think their curves are like cool and someday maybe God will consider and make me curvy.”

  • I don’t have hair

Oh no! She doesn’t have curves, she doesn’t have hair too. Her Kwame Nkrumah head and Donald Trump hair is not really a problem. Yeah right!

“This is something I don’t have. I don’t have hair and now people wonder why I never leave my hair [to grow] and I’m always wearing a weave. Truth is, there is nothing on the hair. Like if the wind blows, all my hair … you see how Donald Trump’s hair is? It’s like this way and that way, I’m [mine is] even worse than done. So that’s why I always wear a weave, so don’t blame me or fault me when you see me always in a weave.” 

  • I like a guy with a pointed nose

Clearly ladies like guys for strange reasons. A girl once told me she likes me because of my eyebrows. I thought that was strange but hey guess what, if you don’t have a pointed nose, please and please, respect yourself and don’t approach Berla Mundi. After reading this, guys if you don’t check your nose, then maybe we can have a conversation.

“When I meet a guy … it’s really bad because my mother always says she wonders which guy I will bring home. I check their nose first. Like everything can be on point but if your nose is not nice, forget [it]… it’s not my fault, I’m sorry I’m not judging but you need to have a really fine pointed nose and maybe we can take the conversation further. So check your nose before you come and say hi [to me].”

  • I wanted to be an airhostess

Ladies like free things and Berla is certainly not an exception. She confirmed to us in her number 3 of the Things People Don’t Know about her. Here we go!

“I tried to be an airhostess before TV and that’s because who doesn’t want to fly around the world for free? I have seen girls who are travelling to America, to all those places where you rarely wouldn’t find [people] someone visiting and they don’t have to pay for anything. What do I have to serve you? Beef or chicken, who knows I can even find my husband on the plane whiles I’m serving, it’s not a big deal.”

  • I actually wanted to be a TV presenter

Berla is already an award winning TV presenter but she actually wanted to be one when she was growing.

“I have always wanted to do TV. Now in my house, there is this staircase that I use as my audience. I used to hold a cane and I will go and stand there and say today, I’m presenting a show and if the people don’t respond then I lash them. So I used to beat my staircases every day when I was a child. I thought it was very hilarious. Recently I was just remembering it and I was oh God this is terrible but that was how this passion was born out from.”

Watch the video below …

This webisode from GhanaGist.Com is to highlight those hidden things we love to know but never knew.

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