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“Adldas” Or “Adidas”: Being Crafty And Staying Relevant

Well, my take on the “Adldas” brouhaha. I have taken the pain to watch the famous BieGya music video carefully. Ermm, let me just say a word or two as a Business Developer.

But before i do that, listen to this story first, and I’ll tell you why: Once upon a time a young man walked into a Chevrolet dealer’s showroom to check out a Chevy Camaro. He had the money, and he was ready to make a buying decision. But he couldn’t decide if he wanted to buy the Camaro or the Ford Mustang up the road at the Ford dealer.

A salesman approached him and soon discovered the man’s dilemma. “Tell me what you like best about the Camaro,” said the salesman. “It’s a fast car. I like it for its speed.”

After some more discussion, the salesman learned the man had just started dating a cute college cheerleader. So what did the salesman do? Simple. He changed his pitch accordingly, to push the hot buttons he knew would help advance the sale.

He told the man about how impressed his new girlfriend would be when he came home with this car! He placed the mental image in the man’s mind of he and his girlfriend cruising to the beach in the Camaro. How all of his friends will be envious when they see him riding around with a beautiful girl in a beautiful car.

And suddenly the man saw it. He got it. And the salesman recognized this and piled it on even more. Before you know it, the man wrote a nice fat check to the Chevy dealership, because he was sold!Shatta Wale and his crew

That’s how I perceive the self-acclaimed Dance hall King, I see him as a professional salesman, listen, dude knows how to surf for those hot buttons and pushes them like never before until he achieves his goals. He knows which emotional hot buttons of Ghanaians to press to get his trend.

Opana’s desire is to release songs that would impress his girlfriend, his friends, and in his mind make them love him more!

So you see, he equated “adIdas” with thrill. He used it in his BieGya music video not because he cannot afford an endless supply of original ADIDAS, but because he thought that thrill would make him more attractive and more likeable. Oooosp, did i say endless? errmmm, well, maybe he can afford since he says he’s the only artist in Ghana who owns 4 cars and building 2 houses.

Are you keeping yourself relevant in your field of work? If No, then you need to Learn from Opana.

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By Real Eugene


Real Eugene has over Six years’ experience in the Media and Communication Industry. He is currently the Business Development Manager at D.T Engineering Systems Limited.

He is formerly the supervising producer and host of the top-rated Weekend show on Radio Univers 105.7fm dubbed “Weekend Mix” and now the creative thinker and director of the famous show “The Big X Show” which airs on the aforementioned frequency every Saturday morning from 7:30-9:00am.

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