Becca holds women together at the National Theatre

Empowering women in societies today, is key to economic wealth not just in Africa but throughout the world.

Many African families rely on women to care for them and provide basic means of livelihood.

It is for this reason that the ‘African woman’ hitmaker has taken that bold step through music to give women a voice and to be heard.

The beautiful Ghanaian artiste, Becca,  is unrelenting in her bid to be the voice of many women through her music and bringing women together every December in her annual ‘Girl Talk Concert’ in Ghana.

Becca, for the past three years has been consistently successful in her all ladies (Girl Talk) concert in the city of Accra.

The concept of the annual Girl Talk Concert is to bring the majority of women in the country to talk about particular issues relating to women and then entertain them (women) through music.

The theme for the 2014 Becca Girl Talk Concert is ‘The making of a woman.’

Of the many billboards competing for space in the city of Accra, during this festive  season for audience and  arenas and theatres, Becca’s Girl Talk stands out rightly tall with a talented lady seeking the attention of fellow women to gather at the National Theatre built many years ago by Kwame Nkrumah.

She competes in male dominated industry with few women staying relevant over years and many major brands to have time with women, talk on pertinent issues concerning the 21st century woman.

Having to put such a big gig together doesn’t come easy but to have had sold out concert year after year shows she is doing something right and the women are accepting one of their own.

This year’s show under the management of EKB Records comes off Saturday, the 20th of December, at the National Theatre at exactly 8pm with tickets going for 50GHC and 80GHC at Koala, Airport shell, Baatsona Total, Silver bird and the National Theatre.

This year’s Becca Girl Talk Concert comes with the maiden edition of the Women’s fair from the 18th to the 20th of December.

For Information visit the twitter page: @beccafrica Facebook: Beccamusic Instagram: Beccafrica


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