Becca, Ghana’s own Jay-Z



The caption of this piece seem a bit funny, considering the fact that Becca’s career cannot be compared to that of Jay-Z, one of the G.O.A.T.S of global music.

Jay-Z has seen it all when it comes to success. He’s won almost everything an artiste dreams of including the bootilicious Beyonce and their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy.

His business interests, earnings and that of Beyonce makes them one of the most formidable social, cultural and political figures in the United States and a personal friend of Barack Obama, the most powerful man in the world .

Becca hasn’t been in the business for long. The beautiful Ghanaian songstress since her debut has chalked overwhelming success in Ghana and the rest of Africa. She’s featured some of the biggest names, been on every major platform and won most of the coveted awards, a clout only a few artistes can lay claim to.

She’s revered by many industry players, politicians and Ghana’s big corporate institutions.

Samsung made Jay-Z’s new album profitable before it was even released. In a special Billboard feature, the respected magazine asks; what does it (the Jay-Z and Samsung deal) mean for the music industry? And which brands and artists can follow next?

The simple answer to the first question is it makes it more profitable for artistes to invest in producing good albums. It also ensures businesses get to market their brands and promote an industry which has the capacity of employing millions and ensuring economic booms worldwide.



The answer to Billboard’s second question is Ghana’s Becca has done such a deal, even before Jay-Z.

Partnering with a brand to boost first-week sales is something several superstar acts have tried before but failed but Becca succeeded and Jay-Z is on course to make it better.

The New York Post’s initial report of the Samsung/Jay-Z deal valued the partnership at $20 million. The deal is likely to cover media spend and his summer stadium tour with Justin Timberlake.

Becca released her debut Time 4 me album about a month ago with technology giants RLG. The deal saw some 300,000 copies of the album distributed with every purchase of the Graphic Showbiz, Ghana’s leading entertainment newspaper.

This arguably makes Becca the highest selling Ghanaian artiste in recent times and could well be on her way to match the legendary Osibisa. Obour once claimed to be the highest selling artiste in Ghana and even with that, he had sold just about 6000 copies of his Konkontibaa album.

What Becca’s triumph means for music sales in Ghana is huge.

Corporate entities are now competing for the purse of less than 30 million Ghanaians and could use every opportunity presented them. With the boom in the music industry and the close-to-cult status of some artistes and some players in the movie industry, this looks like the right time for comprehensive endorsement and promotional deals to promote the stagnated retail and service industries in Ghana.

It is worthy to note that this RLG deal hasn’t been the first for the Daa Ke Daa hit maker. Her No Away video reportedly received a $50000 sponsorship from Kasapreko Industries. It comes as little wonder why the video is one of the best works produced in Africa recently.

VIDEO: Becca ft. M.I. – No away

Telecom giants GLO also signed the songstress as a brand ambassador way before they launched in Ghana.

Good money surely chases exceptional talent.

Becca may not measure up to Jay-Z in global clout but there’s little doubt of her importance to the Ghanaian industry. She’s over the years set the pace and others have followed. Her Girl Talk Concert has become a regular fixture on Ghana’s event calendar as well as her Charity Ball.

Jay-Z is America’s corporate music whizz kid. Becca seems to be doing more than that; churning out great music, supporting social campaigns, adding real value to an industry striving for a global breakthrough and chalking milestones that Jay-Z himself is yet to achieve.

Should the caption of this piece change to ‘Becca sets the pace for Jay-Z’? That would sound appropriate!


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