Becca: Bursting with womanist pride



 Some sat attentively to absorb the re-assuring messages. Others screamed and raised their hands  in  approval.

Whichever way, the hundreds of women who gathered  at Afro-Pop singer, Becca’s Girl Talk show at the National Theatre in December last year seemed to share the viewpoint expressed by the singer and other female speakers  that women everywhere deserved respect at all times  and  that they could work hard to achieve their dreams.

Rallying women to be strong and focused has been  Becca’s resolve since 2011 when she held the first Girl Talk concert. It expressed a willingness by the young lady to shepherd the drive for women to always see the big picture and reach for it.

The Girl Talk show targets an all-female audience with performances and pep talk on a variety of issues by prominent females in society.

“I’m not a politician. I’m not a saviour. I’m not anybody’s psychiatrist. I’m just another young woman who wants to use my talent in music to create a platform for discussion  about empowerment and ambition,” says the lady, born Rebecca  Acheampong but now known simply as Becca.

Her African Woman song  on her Time 4 Me album extols the beauty and positive characteristics of black women and mentions  some of the great black women achievers across the world.

Becca with Hugh Masakela

Becca with Hugh Masakela

Becca first hit the music scene in late 2007 with her 12-track debut album titled Sugar.  The collection  featured artistes such as Hugh Masekela, Kwabena Kwabena and King Ayisoba. Songs on the album that won many hearts for the young lady included I Love You , Why, Hey –Baa, Naughty Girl, Ghana and You Lied To Me.

Since the maiden album, she has bloomed into an award-winning performer with fans beyond our shores.

It was Becca’s growing popularity on the international front that earned her the status of a Goodwill Ambassador for  UNAIDS earlier this year.

She took on the position with pride which was unfortunately sorely wounded last September at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi prior to the  Ghana vs Zambia Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifying match.

She was slated to sing the Ghana national anthem at the match but somebody prevented it at the last minute, leaving her  sad and angry.

She publicly expressed her displeasure at the incident when she spoke at  a  United Nations cultural programme at  Alliance Francaise in Accra a few weeks ago.

“A directive had come from an authority or perhaps authorities, that I should not sing the national anthem anymore. The authority had, at the last minute, remembered that my being a woman apparently was bad omen. In other words, because I could menstruate, I was unworthy of singing our anthem.

At least that was the explanation given to  UNAIDS when they sought to know why an event that had cost precious time and effort to conceive and hatch was dumped,” Becca  said at the UN cultural event.

Becca during her graduation

Becca during her graduation

She is peeved for the rejection based simply on her gender. The pretty singer  says though several people in high positions  have talked to her to  forget about  the issue, she feels  the way it happened strengthens her conviction that women are still not given enough respected in our society.

“The issue now is not merely about Becca. It is about a wider problem in our society  that affects every woman. This sort of thing would not stop until all women  get very vocal about it and demand better treatment in all aspects of our lives,” said Becca who graduated with a First Class Bachelor’s  degree in Project Management from Greenhill College, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA) in Accra, last year.

This year’s Girl Talk show comes off at the National Theatre on December 20 ,and it is very likely some reference will be made to the Baba Yara Sports Stadium incident.

What Becca wants for all the women planning  for the show is to come and relax, enjoy some good entertainment  and  contribute to whatever would be discussed at the event.

Patrons at Becca Girl Talk event last year

Patrons at Becca Girl Talk event last year

“ The theme for this year’s show  is ‘Love.’  It is a very broad topic so we  will delve into the different kinds of love and people will share their experiences.

“Can you say you love your woman when you beat her up and buy her expensive gifts later? We will be very interactive. Everybody in the auditorium is going to be part of the show,”  she stated.

According to her, there will be sale of clothes, accessories and other stuff for women  in the forecourt of the National  Theatre on December 18 and December 19. Everything on sale would be solely from Ghanaian women fashion designers and  craftmakers at heavily discounted prices.

Becca during a visit to Japan

Becca during a visit to Japan

“At the show itself,  women are going to be taken  through  various emotions. Some may cry but I know  some will also laugh and  dance. There will be more  gifts for them and there will be performers from other parts of Africa as well.”

Becca sees Girl Talk  as becoming a prototype for  women everywhere angling for esteem and better recognition. She believes this year’s event will definitely  get the all-female audience and other sections of society talking and thinking.

Culled from Mirror

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