#BBHotshots: Sipe wins Head of House & DStv Highlights

The power of the Big Brother Hotshots Head of House came to the fore on Monday night as it saved nominee Sipe from the list, but saw immunity holder Samantha placed firmly in the firing line. The South African is joined by Goitse (Botswana); last week’s Head of House Idris (Tanzania); Mr. 265 (Malawi) and Macky2 (Zambia).

When the dust had settled on Sunday night, Mr. 265, Macky2, Sipe and Idris garnered the most nominations – alongside Goitse, who was automatically nominated after failing to keep still during last week’s ‘freeze’ task. The Head of House task on Monday morning saw Tayo, Idris and Sipe competing in a challenging battle of wits – and knots – as they had to navigate the garden while tied into a rope, slowly working their way through various points in an effort to free themselves. Sipe eventually prevailed, meaning that she was immune from nomination this week.

When Big Brother announced the nomination results to the housemates on Monday evening, Idris’ expression clearly indicated his dismay – in stark contrast to Sipe’s joy at her immunity. The new Head of House wasted no time in making her way to the Diary Room to reveal her ‘add’ decision. In a great twist which illustrated just how much power the Head of House holds, she was able to name Samantha as her choice – despite the South African being immune from nomination by any other housemate, by virtue of being part of the winning Extravagana task team on Saturday. Sipe had clearly indicated which way her vote was going to go during an earlier Diary Session with Big Brother, where she had even expressed her displeasure at seeing that Samantha’s StarMeter gift – a sparkling pink gift basket – was her favourite colour.

The other housemates who picked up nominations – but aren’t in line to leave this coming Sunday, were Butterphly and Ellah, with three apiece.

Voting opened immediately after Sipe’s Head of House decision, and runs until next Sunday. The more you vote for your favourite nominated housemate, the better their chance of staying in the house and being named as the winner. There are four ways to vote for your favourite housemate each week:

  1. Via SMS
  2. Via WeChat
  3. Via www.bigbrotherafrica.com
  4. Via the mobisite on your mobile phone

SMS Voting

To vote via SMS: Text the keyword ‘Vote’, followed by the name of the housemate to the short code number for your country. For example SMS “Vote Uti” to 22626. SMS’s are charged as applicable per specific network tariff. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per mobile number during each voting period.

WeChat Voting

Voting on WeChat is free. To vote via WeChat on your mobile phone, go to your app store and download the WeChat app. Create your profile, then search for BigBrotherAfrica and add the account. You can then start voting on WeChat, up to 100 times per mobile phone number during a valid voting period.

Website and mobile site voting

Voting on the website and on the mobile site is free and you are allowed to vote 100 times per cellphone number on the website and again 100 times per cellphone number on the mobile site during a valid voting period.

Visit www.bigbrotherafrica.com for more information and for the terms and conditions. Watch Big Brother on DStv channel 197 and 198 as well as highlights on GOtv , AfricaMagic Family channel 1.

Big Brother Hotshots is produced by Endemol South Africa


After extending the deadline for entries by two weeks, the final deadline for the Star Awards Essay and Poster Competition ends on Wednesday 12th of November 2014.

Entries should be sent to the MultiChoice head office.

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