#BBHotShots: Ghana’s Kacey Moore, Arthur, Luis, Mr. 265, Macky2, Sheillah and Frankie up for possible eviction

The nominated housemates that are up for possible eviction for this week have been announced. Remember to vote for them on our website.

Biggie called out the names and they are: Arthur, Luis, Mr.265, Macky2, Sheillah, Frankie and Ghana’s Kacey Moore.

Most of the nominated housemates didn’t take the news very well, even though they may have tried to hide their sadness. Mr. 265 giggled when he heard his name was announced and Sheillah (the only female on the list) was definitely not pleased by the news as she had been down throughout the day – clearly anxious about her fate. She did however try not to act affected by the news until Tayo joked and said that he was happy that she had been nominated – she took this very seriously and got all worked up.

Soon JJ, as head of house, was called into the diary room to make his nomination. He seemed to have thought about his decision before hand and quickly called out Frankie’s name. With that done, housemates soon went back to working on their task.

It looked like Nhlanhla soon fell asleep and we wonder what tired out the former head of house. Was is relief that sent him to bed so early? Nhlanhla had told Biggie in the diary room that he was certain that he would be nominated and even as Biggie shared the list of nominated housemates, he looked absolutely worried and could not believe that he was not up for possible eviction for the coming week.Kacey Moore


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