BBC World Service documentary about Ghanaian artist, Ibrahim Mahama

In this week’s In the Studio, we meet the man who is helping to put Ghana on the map when it comes to contemporary art.

Ibrahim Mahama’s architectural installations have already been seen in cities such as New York, Athens and London – but now the 31 year old’s work is being shown in Ghana’s first ever National Pavilion, at one of the most prestigious contemporary art exhibitions in the world, the Venice Biennale.

Ibrahim’s grand-scale installations can be years in the making because he often collaborates with local workers and uses salvaged materials which he carefully sources from Ghana, where he lives and works – materials like the jute sacks found in food markets, and which he’s become synonymous with.

Frenny Jowi travels to Ghana and Venice to meet Ibrahim and follow him as he prepares for one of the highest profile shows of his career.

Presenter: Frenny Jowi.

Producers: Frenny Jowi and Ella-mai Robey for BBC World Service.

Ibrahim Mahama

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