#BBATheChase: This is how the Rubies nominated

Natasha and SuluThe Rubies will not rest until Natasha is booted out of The Chase, if today’s Nominations are anything to go by. For the fourth consecutive time the outspoken Malawian received the highest number of Nominations from her fellow Housemates. Last week Natasha took the announcement of her Nomination very hard and was an emotional wreck for most of the week. We can only imagine how she is going to take the new this week.

But Natasha head is not alone on the chopping block as she tied with Sulu with four Nominations. After managing to go five week’s unscathed, today the Zambian’s lucky break came to a screeching halt. It is clear from the Housemates’ comments that the Zambian’s disorderly conduct when drunk has gotten under their skin. “He is a ticking time bomb,”Pokello mused.

Trailing closely behind them was Bolt who got three Nominations. The Sierra Leonean has managed to already rub up some of the Rubies the wrong way with his cocky ways even though he has only been in the House for a few days.

This how the Rubies Nominated today:
Feza: Pokello, Natasha
Angelo: Elikem, Natasha
Fatima: Pokello, Oneal
Natasha: Elikem, Bolt
Oneal: Sulu, Bassey
Bolt: Sulu, Natasha
Sulu: Bolt, Fatima
Pokello: Bolt, Sulu
Elikem: Sulu, Natasha
Bassey: Feza, Angelo

Do you think that the Rubies Nominated well this week?

By Lihle Jacobs

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