#BBATheChase: This is how the Diamonds nominated

noms-diamonds_lg1_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbad-f477f8add475_131324121358431All of the beauty in the world cannot save you from being thrown under the bus by your fellow Housemates during Nominations. This is something that was proven once again by the Diamonds this week.

Today the Diamonds drew out their daggers and aimed straight at Annabel and Dillish’s pretty little hearts. Annabel and Dillish led the pack with four Nominations. According to Housemates the former Head of House is a little dictator that wants things always done her way. “She hardly incorporates others ideas,” Hakeem complained to Biggie about the Kenyan.

As for the Dillish, it seems that the young psychology student thinks that she can get by on just her good looks and not do anything in the House. Well her fellow Diamonds have had enough and they want her gone for good.

Following closely behind the dames were HakeemNando and Maria who all received three Nominations.

This is how the Diamonds Nominated:
Dillish: Hakeem and Selly
Melvin: Nando and Bimp
Beverly: Annabel and Selly
Selly: Annabel and Dillish
Bimp: Annabel and Maria
Hakeem: Dillish and Maria
Maria: Hakeem and Nando
Annabel: Hakeem and Nando
Cleo: Dillish and Nando
Nando (HoH): Dillish and Maria

Do you agree with the Diamonds’ Nominations picks?

By Lihle Jacobs

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