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#BBATheChase: Selly tells Melvin that she loves Nando

Selly“I love Nando,” that was the potent declaration that Selly made in the Diamond House today.The young Ghanaian was having a heart to heart with Melvin in thebedroom when the Nigerian quickly pounced on her about her steamy new romance with the Tanzanian. “Do you love Nando? Do you love Nando?” he queried repeatedly.

At first the aspiring actress tried to avoid giving a definitive answer and instead hid herself under the covers and giggled like a school girl. But eventually after much probing from the Diamond dude she eventually caved in and proclaimed, “Yes, I love Nando”. Oh snap! Who knew that things between the two were already at the L-word stage? Does Nandohave any idea about this? Does he feel the same way?

Judging by his careless comments in the past about not wanting a relationship but just a shag; it does not look like it. But you never know maybe the young student has had a change of heart now that the pretty Ghanaian has come into his life and his bed. For Selly’s sake we hope that she is not setting herself for a one way trip to Heartbreak land.

What do you think of Selly’s declaration of love for Nando? Is she for real or is she just playing the game?

Just a few short hours after she told Melvin that she loves Nando, the Ghanaian then backtracked on her declaration of love. During her Diary session this afternoon she told Biggie, “I like him but I am not looking for love and he is notlooking for love”. Whoa wait, so was she lying when she confessed to Melvin saying: “I love Nando”? Or is she lying to Biggie now?
She also talked to Big Brother about her relationship with Sulu. She said that she loves him and misses him so much. Wow this lady sure does throw around the L-word very quickly. But maybe she means that she loves him as a friend yet seeing how often she seems to change her mind and moves easily from man to man, it is hard to tell what is real and what is fake when it comes to the young Diamond dame.

It is starting to become apparent just why she is a professional actress in real life – she knows how to put up a good front and keep her real feelings concealed. This lady is here to play the game and she is willing to say or do whatever to Chase that USD 300 000 prize.

But then again that is what you would expect from anyone that enters Big Brother The Chase so you can’t really fault Selly for being clever enough to know that. Aint no shame in her game; so go on Selly you do you girl. And the rest of us will all just have to wait and see what the next twist in her strategy is.

As for Nando he was very blasé about their relationship during his session and would not reveal much to Biggie. Hmmm; cat got your tongue Nando?


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