#BBATheChase: Selly in the middle again

Since the beginning of The Chase there has been one female Housemate whose game plan has been admirable to date. The Ghanian lass, Selly, has proven over and over again that she belongs in The Chase and doesn’t intend on leaving just yet.
As if that little description was not enough, Selly has managed to find herself in another triangle, one we haven’t seen before. She is due for a date in the Rendevous Room with two fellow Chasers, one being a female friend Maria and the other being a guy she’s been crushing on, Nando. This has got to be a record first in Biggie’s House.

But when she was asked, during her Diary Session, which date does she look forward to the most, she responded by saying that there has been a lot of talk about how interesting and funny the Tanzanian lad is. So she is looking forward to a whole lot of that and more. At this stage, she didn’t know what Nando has in mind for her but she’ll soon find out. How she reacts to his quest is a story for another day.

Sulu was the least excited about Selly’s date with Nando so he told Biggie that being with Nando could spark a lot of gossip she isn’t ready for. Although he did admit that he loves her but he insisted that he’s purely looking out for her because no one else will.

Biggie asked Selly to have a word with him before her date with Nando so that he doesn’t feel hurt about it. Selly said she’s talk to Sulu later this evening and try and make him understand this is something she wants to do. Poor Sulu, he’s finishing last again.Ha

Source: Bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com

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