#BBATheChase: Love connection between Selly & Sulu?

The Chase Housemates have been bitten by the love bug if today’s Diary sessions are anything to go by.

The Diary Room was more like a confessional booth this afternoon. Housemates laid out their dirty laundry one by one. Today Selly finally admitted that she is open to the idea of becoming more than friends with Sulu.

“He tells me that he loves me but I am unsure of which kind of love,” she shared with Biggie. Biggie then asked the Ghanaian about “the marriage” that the two have been joking about and if this could turn into something serious. “Well he has not proposed to me, he has not come out and asked me to be his girlfriend or anything so I am waiting for him,” she explained.

During his diary session Sulu had nothing but high praise for the Ghanaian. “I like Selly. We get along because we are the same. She likes fun and I like fun,” he said.

When Big Brother asked him about the future of his relationship with Selly, he answered: “I am single and open to anything but only God knows the destiny”. Oooh, these two, stop playing shy and just get it together already!

There other budding love connection in the House is between new couple Oneal and Feza who both tried to play it coy during their Diary session. But after some probing from Biggie the Tanzanian lady made the admission, “I wish things could go further between us”.

Oneal also told Biggie that Feza is planning on visiting Botswana to see him after the show. Well then things must be getting serious between these two.

Hmmm, what do you think should these two pairs make things official between them or not?


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