#BBATheChase – Houseswap: Selly and Cleo switch homes with Bolt and Betty

Diamond’s beauty and the beast, : Betty and Bolt have bid adieu to their home of the past four weeks. While Selly and Cleo bid a sombre farewell to their Ruby family.

Screaming, cursing and shouting the Housemates held nothing back as Annabel announced her for picks for the House swap. The usually bubbly Kenyan had the sternest of looks on her face as she quickly discovered that with great power comes with great responsibility.

While she quickly spewed out Selly and Cleo’s names as her Ruby picks, she battled to choose who to move from her Diamond family. At first she picked Melvin but then she changed her mind and then elected Betty and Bolt. After some protestation from Bolt she looked to be changing her mind again but she decided to put her foot down and send the Ethopian and her Sierra Leonean man marching out of Diamond.

In the Ruby House Selly burst into tears at the thought of being separated fromall the people that she has grown so close to especially Sulu. At least she will have Nando ready and waiting to comfort her when she crosses over.

As for Cleo, how will her relationship with Hakeem play out now that the two will be staying under the same roof? Will their union grow stronger or will seeing each other 24/7 prove too much for them to handle?


Source: BBA

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