#BBATheChase: Elikem and Selly breaking the rules by speaking Ghanaian language?

Biggie was unimpressed with some of the Rubies not adhering to basic House Rules that were explained from the beginning of The Chase. One of the Rules that the Housemates have been blatantly ignoring is the use of vernacular or mother tongue in the House. Elikem and Selly are few of the Housemates who have been spotted exchanging words in their home language.

This has brought great unrest and unhappiness in the House because some Housemates feel that there are things being said by their fellow Housemates who have intentions of conspiring against others thus causing separation in the House.

Biggie told all Housemates during their Diary Sessions that he has been telling all of them to speak English in the House at all times and his instructions have been constantly ignored. For this, he intends on penalizing the next Housemates to speak in their home language, the punishment will be extreme or the Housemate will be disqualified.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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