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#BBATheChase: Elikem and Beverly fight, again!

Beverly has issues with Elikem for telling Pokello something he was not supposed to.

The House almost came to a standstill this afternoon when Beverly and Elikem got into their second argument in as many days. Beverly revealed how disappointed in Elikem she is after he told Pokello something she had said. “You shouldn’t have told Pokello what I told you. You’re supposed to be my brother,” Beverly said.

Beverly happens to be one of the Housemates, apart from Bimp, who went and toldElikem that Pokello is a very dangerous woman and Elikem should watch his back when dealing with her.”You told me that Pokello is dangerous and at that time she had been Swapped to the Diamond House, while I was stuck in the Ruby House. I was shocked when I heard the same thing from two different people and confronted her about it. I thought she had done something to betray me. I don’t regret asking her about it because I care about her. I care about you too and I would do the same if I heard something about you. I would ask you and be straight up about it. If it concerns people you love, you will let them know and try to protect them,” Elikem said.

Beverly defended herself and said Elikem shouldn’t have asked Pokello about it. “When I said she is dangerous, it wasn’t because of something specific that she did, I was just concerned about you,” Beverly said. Just the other day, Beverly laid into Elikem for failing to comfort her when Angelo was Evicted.

BeverlyCleo and DillishElikem and Melvin are The Chase Finalists. Vote here for the winner of the USD 300 000 grand prize.

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