#BBATheChase: Bimp is not happy with Elikem

Nando and Elikem’s fight, as well as the former’s subsequent Disqualification, is still weighing heavily on Bimp’s mind.

“Elikem, I’ll be honest with you. I have been angry at you since Friday because of the fight, as well as Nando’s Exit. I think my anger has played a role in me thinking you swapped me. I had taken it personally but now less personally,” the Ethiopian said, perhaps in a bid to try to find out if Elikem put him on the chopping block with his HoH Swap.

Elikem craftily danced around the issue at hand and said “Anyone could be up if at this point. If I put you up, its up to Africa to save you. They hear you when you contradict yourself and see you when you are being real. Africa is always watching,” the Ghanaian said.

Elikem then went into detail about all five times he has been up for possible Eviction. “Honestly up until last week, I hadn’t really thought I would make it this far. When I was saved by Africa last week it humbled me and gave me confidence. Pray and hope your behaviour hasn’t contradicted itself and when you’re saved, you can get the confidence to run this race,” he said.

When Bimp revealed how he doesn’t think he and Elikem would ever be best friends, Elikem’s parting shot was as honest as they come. “I don’t care what you think of me. I know what and who I am. I’ve been a target since the game started and that has made me a stronger person. However, I am glad you came to me and opened up, instead of going to talk to other people,” Elikem said.

Culled from BBA

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