#BBATheChase: Beverly replaces Bimp with Dillish

Nigerian female housemate and Head of House, Beverly has replaced Bimp with Dilish. Now up for possible eviction this week are Cleo, Dilish and Feza.

Bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com reports:

The Chase is getting way too terrifying as there are now eight Chasemates trying their darnedest to win the USD 300 000, some might even say the remaining Housemates can now smell the money as they near the end. Tonight a confused Beverly replaced Ethiopia’s Bimp with the gorgeous Dillish in an attempt to keep her pal in the game.

As much as the Nigerian beauty would have loved to have had a variety of people to choose from, she didn’t and therefore had to Nominate the person she saw fit for replacing Bimp. What this will mean on Eviction night remains a mystery.

Who can blame Beverly for throwing Dillish under the bus like that? Who would have made a better candidate you might ask. The game is so tight that every Housemate has to do what needs to be done and this week Dillish needs to experience life in the world of Nominations like the rest of them. You can hide under the radar until someone catches you out, this is the case for our beautiful Namibian queen.

Fortunately for Beverly’s man, South African dancer Angelo and Nigerian model Melvinnever got any Nominations today thus making them the slickest contenders by far. Why is this? Could it be that they are purely good at outsmarting others or they are merely that good in the game. You be the judge. But for now we wait to see who will be the next to leave Biggie’s comfy House.

Tell us how you think Dillish will react to being a pawn in Beverly’s game when she finds out on Sunday.



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