BBA UPDATE: Selly should blame herself – Sulu

While everyone slept, Sulu and Cleospoke about everything that has transpired in the game since The Chase began. Hot on the list was Selly’s Eviction last night.

“Honestly. There’s a lot I’m going to tell you. Selly is supposed to be here enjoying my being Head of House this week. She f*cked herself over. Everything was going well for her. However, this thing of wanting to be free and saying I want this and I want that was what got her Evicted. Selly is supposed to be the happiest woman right now”, Sulu told Cleo.

Cleo seemed to understand and added her five cents as well. “Your love was taken and juggled in front of Africa. Her Eviction is shocking”, the Zambian cutie said. Sulu’s love for Selly seemed to take over after a while. “That girl is sweet. Her submission to me blew my mind. I can tell her boyfriend now that he would lose her to me”, he said with a faraway look on his face.

As soon as he said that, Sulu unleashed another bombshell. “I’m in love with Dillish. Romantically. Selly’s gone now”. Cleo was quick to reveal how Melvin would be a spanner in the works because he is also into Dillish. Sulu didn’t seem perturbed by this revelation and just might launch a bid for the Namibian’s affections soon.

Sulu then ended things off on a high note. “You, me, BasseyMelvinOneal should be in the final. Not even Feza. She’s just escorting”, he said. That’s quite a lot to take in Sulu! What do you think of Sulu’s top five and most importantly, do you think he and Dillish make a cute couple?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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