BBA UPDATE: Selly sets the record straight

This afternoon saw Selly airing everything out to nice man Bimp and setting the record straight about everything that has happened to her in The Chase, especially her love triangle with Nando and Sulu. It seemed that the Ghanaian lady had been harbouring a lot of feelings and needed a listening ear.

She told Bimp all about her ‘like’ for Nando and how she could not be with Sulu because she didn’t like him the same way he liked her. Bimp is the same guy that Nando had confided in about his relationship with Selly, so he knew both sides of the story. But nonetheless, Bimp listened to the long story and imparted some advice mainly saying that she needed to air the same laundry with the man himself, Nando.

Selly narrated of how the Rubies no longer trusted her because they thought that she was compromised. It looks like Selly’s world is falling apart because of Nando who had his cake and hit the proverbial road. “I’m now suffering because I said I like Nando and he’s making things worse for me,” the Ghanaian actress said almost in tears. You can imagine moving from being one of the strongest and most popular contender in the game to a needy and semi-depressed woman stuck in the game. It’s no place to be especially when you have nobody in your corner. Could it be time for this actress to go? Tonight’s Evictions will reveal that.

About Sulu, she had said that if she really wanted to play and win the game, she would’ve stayed with Sulu but she decided against that because she liked somebody else. Again we see a situation where the heart took over the game of a fellow Housemate. She was very confident that id she was with Sulu, they would’ve been the entertaining couple on The Chase and would’ve won the grand prize. So basically what Selly is saying is she traded a possibility of winning the game for a carefree Nando and we can all see what that is doing to her game.

Do you think Selly still has the chance of winning her fellow Chasemates’ trust again?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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