BBA UPDATE: Selly says choosing Nando over Sulu was a game plan

When you live in the Big Brother House, your business is everyone’s business. Forget what anyone else told you.

Early this morning, Selly learned this the hard way when her fellow Housemates waded into shaky territory; her love triangle with Sulu and Nando.

As the Diamonds hung out in the bedroom, the gang asked her why she chose Nando over Sulu. Luckily, the mood in the house was festive and Selly was no doubt in a good mood. The Ghanaian was as blunt as they come, revealing how everything was part of her strategy. “It’s part of my game plan”, she said.

After expressing his reservations regarding Feza’s enthusiasm for the Wedding Task, it seems Oneal might be warming up to the idea of walking down the aisle in the near future.

Early this morning, Oneal was singing a different tune. “Today, I’m obsessed with you”, he cooed as he looked into his sweethearts eyes. How sweet!

Source: BBA

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