BBA UPDATE: Pokello and Elikem tighter than ever

On Sunday we called it and now our prophecy looks to be coming true. Now that Fatima is out of The Chase and no longer a distraction between the two; Pokello and Elikem’s relationship looks to be stronger than ever.

In the wee hours of the morning the Ruby on and off lovebirds took advantage of their fortune of being the only couple in The Chase that are still under the same roof by staying up late whispering sweet nothings to each other under the covers and chatting about the future. Their discussions even included the topics of babies. Hmmm, is that a hint about their plans for the future?

Later on in the morning after the Housemates’ daily exercise the twosome were once again in bed where the Ghanaian said a prayer for his woman whose back was aching. Well they do say the couple that prays together, stays together. After that they had some light conversation and playfully teased each other.

Are you happy to see Elikem and Pokello tighter than ever? Yes or No?

I’ll say a prayer for you

Source: Big Brother Africa

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