BBA UPDATE: Oneal says he can think better than Elikem

Swooosh! What was that? That is the sound of the verbal lashing Oneal dished out to Elikem this afternoon. “I can out smart him, I can out think him at any time on any day. I am in complete control of that,” purred the Tswana fellow in the Diary Room this afternoon. Oh snap!

After Nominating Elikem for Eviction searlier today, the professional disc jockey told Biggie that the young Ghanaian actor has been going around saying things about him in both Houses and telling people that he will be smarter than the Botswana native when he is that age. But Oneal wants it to be known; that don’t get it twisted he has got this. Womp womp.

Meanwhile Elikem seems completely oblivious to Oneal’s plans for him. “I think him and I are alike in some ways. We are not best friends but we relate on certain things,” he told Biggie. He also named the Tswana guy as one of the strongest contenders in The Chase. Oh Elikem, little do you know.

As for Oneal’s decision to put Selly’s head under the Eviction guillotine despite hersaving him when she was Head of House, the former HoH has no regrets. “I don’t make decisions based on what people think I should do,” he explained. Ooh, The Chase is on in the Ruby House.

Source: Big Brother Africa

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