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BBA UPDATE: No to Elikem and Feza

The sweet taste of revenge lingered on Angelo’slips this morning.

The South African finally got his chance to return the favour to Elikem after the Ghana fellow chose to put him up for Eviction last week. Today the Cape Town dancer chose use his Power of No might against Elikem. This is something that seemed to amuse the rest of the Rubies very much as they all burst out in laughter as Angelo made the announcement.

Although this was personal but the boys did not take it too hard instead they laughed about it too and Elikem got a consoling hug from his lady Pokello.

In the Diamond House Cleo opted to wield her powers against Feza. “Because I hate the way that she cut her hair,” joked Cleo when the Diamonds asked her why Feza. “Wait till I am Head of House, I will hate,” said the Tanzanian jokingly after the announcement.

Sit down Elikem and Feza
Source: Big Brother Africa

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