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BBA UPDATE: “I don’t want any more drama” – Selly

After what has been a dramatic couple of weeks; it would seem that trouble-magnet Selly is now looking for a drama free stay in the House.

Over the past five weeks Selly has seen herself at the centre of some alcohol drama with Pokello that saw the Ghanaian get her first Strike in the House. She also found herself slap bang in the middle of a love trianglewith Sulu and Nando that culminated in both fellows also getting slapped with one Strike each.

The Diamond lady has now had enough as she told her girl pal Cleo this evening, “I don’t want any more drama”. The two Diamond dames turned the kitchen into their own little therapist’s office as the young actress poured her heart out to the Cleo; who listened attentively and offered advice.

From their conversation it is clear that the Ghana woman is not yet over Nando but the problem is that she does not know where she stands with him. “He is so complicated and I don’t have time for that. We only have 91 days in the House” she griped.

Like a little lost puppy she searched for guidance in her friend. “Should I withdraw more” she asked sincerely. “No you have withdrawn enough from him. Just give him time to come to you to tell you about his feelings,” Cleo counselled.

Oh Selly girl if you really want no drama then maybe it’s time to consider staying away from playboys; no?

Source: BBA

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