BBA UPDATE: How Africa voted to kick out Hakeem and Fatima

Voting_Lrg_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbad-f477f8add475_301307213044180Here is how Africa voted this week (7 July 2013) – We say goodbye to Fatima (Malawi) and Hakeem (Zimbabwe).

Here’s who which country voted for:

Angola: Angelo
Botswana: Angelo
Ghana: Pokello
Kenya: Nando
Ethiopia: Bimp
Malawi: Fatima
Namibia: Bimp
Nigeria: Pokello
South Africa: Angelo
Sierra Leone: Pokello
Tanzania: Nando
Uganda: Nando
Zambia: Cleo
Zimbabwe: Pokello
Rest of Africa: Angelo

Total: Pokello = 4; Angelo = 4; Nando =3, Bimp = 2, Cleo = 1, Fatima = 1, Hakeem = 0. (Total : 15 Votes)
Please Note: The tie breaker rules were applied Fatima and Cleo as they each had one popularity vote, the housemate with the lowest average percentage across all countries was Fatima.

Weekly Winners :
DStv Walka : Anna Mthimkulu – South Africa,
Uhuru Tablet: Kentse Sebitiela – Botswana
HD PVR Winner: Remisa Beckley – Sierra Leone.


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