BBA UPDATE: Elikem’s pimple popping fetish

Seriously; what is with Elikem and having women popping his pimples?

Is this a fetish? Is it some kind of kinky foreplay that we don’t know about? Or is it a bonding experience? Whatever it is; dude seems to really like it. At first it looked Fatima was the one obsessed with this grooming habit as she always at it whenever the two had a moment together but this morning when Elikem recruited his lady love Pokello to do it too it became apparent that this is in fact an Elikem thing.

But unlike Fatima who just digs in with her hands (euww); being the lady that she is, Pokello chose to use a safety pin to do her man’s dirty work. Uhmm, okay then. Well if this is something that helps them bond together then more power to them.

But what do you think of Elikem having his women popping his pimples? Is it sweet or disgusting?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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