BBA UPDATE: Elikem to Pokello – ‘We’re done’

The on and off lovers made it to their date in the Rendevous Room where all the bickering and accusations continued. Earlier in the room Elikem had tried to air their issues to which Pokello refused because she didn’t want the other Housemates to eavesdrop on their conversation.

To break the ice, Elikem tried to get Pokello to take a sip of their champagne but she refused because she doesn’t drink. Eventually she entertained him and took a sip. Now that they were both at ease, Pokello told Elikem that she doesn’t appreciate what he has been doing with Fatima while she was in the Diamond House. There was no way Elikem could now salvage the little that’s left of their time in the Rendezvous Room, let alone their relationship.

Things went from friendly to intense in seconds and Elikem told Pokello to conclude, there and then, where their relationship was going. “As much as you think you’re done, I’m done too,” Elikem said in his mounting frustration. He emphasized that the relationship is done. “You should’ve stayed in the Diamond House,” he had continued. Elikem was clearly hurt by Pokello’s nonchalant state and told her that the relationship has always been about the diva and she agreed that it has definitely been about her.

It seems like the couples that go into the Rendezvous Room always give each other a hard time and their relationship ends up worse than it was before they got into the Room. Do you remember Cleo and HakeemSulu and Selly?

Do you think the pair is parting ways for good or will they find each other again?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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