BBA UPDATE: ‘Beverly is jealous of me’ – Selly

In her Diary Session, Ghanaian beauty Selly, told Biggie that Beverly must be jealous of her because she’s been closer to the guys that she’s interested in and Selly doesn’t know how to react to her jealousy.

“Why are you always in my way?” was what Beverly had asked Selly when she realized that Selly had once again blocked her from a budding friendship with Neyll first, then Nando and Angelo. What’s a girl to do when she is hot and all the boys like her was what Selly said in response to the Nigerian model’s question.

Could Selly be getting ahead of herself or does this prove her to be quite the available chick for the boys of The Chase. Not so long ago, she had pursued the free-spirited Nando but that ended very badly as Nando was not looking for anything more than what he got from Selly. As for the other two, Neyll and Angelo, they hadn’t shown much attention towards her. In fact the only time we ever saw anything between Selly and Angelo was when she threw herself at him when they were drunk, after last Saturday’s Channel O Party. Even then she was trying to outshine Natasha who was having a nice chat with the South African choreographer. It looks like Selly might be back to her bad girl ways.

On the other hand, Beverly seemed to have had Angelo in the palm of her hand as she sealed their fate with a drunk but passionate kiss. In his Diary Session, Angelo confirmed that he liked being with Beverly a lot and he regrets that they haven’t had time together so they could get to know each other better. He also said that he enjoyed kissing her and hopes that wasn’t the end of their connection.

Who do you think the boys like more, Selly or Beverly?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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