BBA The Chase: Feza heartbroken over Elikem!

Feza and Elikem

Feza and Elikem

Feza opened up in a big way about the Elikem situation, Monday afternoon.

The Chase’s resident heartthrob, Elikem, has been a naughty boy. The Ghanaian has left a trail of broken hearts in both the Diamond and Ruby Houses in a very short space of time and now, one of his sweethearts is speaking up.

Feza was the first object of Elikem’s affections and this afternoon she expressed just how disappointed she is in him and his player ways.

“I won’t lie. I’m truly disappointed in Elikem because he seems to like many girls. I don’t like it when people play with others emotions,” she said.

The Tanzanian turned philosophical about the situation despite being burnt. “As confusing as it is, I’m glad I noticed it so early in the game”.

Elikem has flirted with Dillish and has also shared a bed with Fatima and most recently, Pokello.

During the Saturday night party, Elikem and Selly flirted up a storm and owned the dance floor with their sexy dance moves, despite the fact that the Houses were separated by glass and his other women could see everything.

What is weird though is that Elikem has not come out to openly declare his love for any of the girls in his purported harem.

Elikem does not look like he wants to be tied down and as such, has been ensured a constant stream of hugs and midnight cuddles, with no strings attached.

Elikem on the other hand has been generally non-committal with regards to his relationship status or lack thereof.

Is Elikem a player or are the girls being a little overzealous?

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